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Founded in 1992, Hollywood Times Magazine has chronicled the journey of stars and storytellers for over three decades. From the sunlit boulevards of Hollywood to the glitzy red carpets of Cannes, our footprint is as vast as the stories we tell.

Our Mission

At Hollywood Times Magazine, we believe that every story, big or small, has a universe of its own. Our mission is to delve deep into the world of cinema, music, and arts, bringing to our readers the most compelling narratives and insightful commentaries. We are more than just a magazine; we are a portal to the world of glamour, talent, and dreams.

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Comprising seasoned journalists, innovative photographers, and visionary editors, our team is the heartbeat of Hollywood Times Magazine. Their passion is evident in every article, photo shoot, and interview, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of entertainment journalism.

Our Reach

With a monthly circulation surpassing a million, and a digital footprint that stretches across the globe, Hollywood Times Magazine reaches enthusiasts in every corner of the world. From Los Angeles to London, from Sydney to Stockholm, our stories resonate with a diverse and dedicated readership.

Our Commitment

Beyond the glitz and glam, we recognize our responsibility to address pressing issues within the entertainment industry. Be it inclusivity, representation, or the environment, Hollywood Times Magazine is committed to making a difference. Through in-depth features and partnerships, we aim to champion causes and inspire change.

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