James Lugo and Mira Babal – the dynamic duo, combine their unique talents to weave musical enchantment.

Master of Melodies, James Lugo, to produce Mira Babal's new song "I Remember Those Nights."
8 May 2024

Following the release of the viral hits “Mad for No Reason” and “Infinity,” Mira Babal continues her quest to craft thought-provoking music. Her latest song, “I Remember Those Nights,” reflects on how the era of cell phones and social media has led to rifts and misunderstandings among people. The track will be produced by James Lugo, a renowned vocal analyst and coach with American Idol, who began his music production career around the same time. Having started in the late ’70s playing with country and rock bands, and later performing guitar with Dokken and vocals with Nazareth, James has become an iconic figure in the music industry. His music defies genre boundaries, merging jazz, blues, and rock into a seamless blend. Mira and James first crossed paths at the prestigious Ipop event in Los Angeles in 2022, where he was captivated by the musical prowess of an 8-year-old. Since then, they have collaborated on voice lessons, culminating in their decision to release their debut song together.

The Voice of a New Generation, Mira Babal, the 10-year-old prodigy from Minnesota, has a voice that belies her young age. Her vocals ascend effortlessly, conveying messages of hope, love, and fortitude. Mira’s singing commands attention, her lyrics piercing through the din to touch hearts and ignite dialogue. Her sincerity and fervor are evident in every melody.

Collaboration: The union of James and Mira is electric. Their combined energies yield more than the individual contributions—a musical alchemy that captivates listeners globally. Mira pens the lyrics and composes the music, while James infuses his expertise in sound engineering to produce a sensation that is met with awe.

In an interview, Mira remarked, “It’s fascinating how music can effortlessly encapsulate and mirror our emotions. ‘I Remember Those Nights’ is a song that reflects on how relationships are often sidelined in this era of cell phones. I recall my mother recounting tales of her childhood when the only way to communicate with friends was in person—no phones, no cell phones, no social media. Nowadays, we can’t live without these mediums, yet often, our messages sent through them fail to convey our true feelings and are prone to misinterpretation. That’s the essence of what this song expresses.”

Mira consistently uses her music to send messages to the world. This soon-to-be 11-year-old is on a mission to raise awareness about issues that we often overlook nowadays.

The Hollywood Times extends warm birthday wishes to Mira for May 14th!

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