Designer Dream Collection Muse Pooja Patel : Exclusive Look by Anjali Phougat

19 June 2024

Embracing a New Journey: From Health Transformation to Modeling Success

Pooja Patel’s journey into the world of modeling began in 2023, following a remarkable personal transformation. After making the decision to prioritize her health, Pooja lost 80 pounds, which significantly boosted her confidence and opened doors to new opportunities. This newfound confidence led her to explore the exciting world of beauty pageants and modeling, a path she had never previously considered.

The Beginning: Competing in Pageants

Pooja’s entry into pageantry was marked by impressive achievements. She has competed in three pageants, earning prestigious titles such as Mrs. Universe New York, USA 2024, and Mrs. Bharat New York, USA 2023. These accolades not only reflect her beauty and grace but also her dedication and hard work. Her journey is a testament to the belief that dreams can come true regardless of one’s age or background.

Navigating the Industry: Seeking Representation

Despite her successes, Pooja has yet to sign with a modeling agency. She is actively seeking representation, conducting her own research, and reaching out to designers, photographers, and production houses for work opportunities. Her proactive approach demonstrates her determination to succeed in the competitive modeling industry.

Initial Impressions and Current Views on Modeling

Initially, Pooja was both excited and apprehensive about entering the modeling industry. She saw it as a glamorous and competitive field, filled with new challenges and opportunities. However, her eagerness to prove herself and embrace this new journey was driven by a strong belief in the power of dreams.

Today, Pooja views the modeling industry as an empowering and dynamic field that offers numerous opportunities for personal growth and self-expression. She appreciates the platform it provides to inspire others and advocate for positive change. Her perspective on the industry has evolved, seeing it now as a space where she can make a significant impact.

Achievements and Milestones

In a relatively short period, Pooja has achieved several significant milestones. She has won titles such as Mrs. Universe New York, USA 2024, and Mrs. Bharat New York, USA 2023. Additionally, she is set to represent Mrs. Universe East America 2024 in an international competition in South Korea. Beyond pageantry, Pooja has established herself as a published model and a social media influencer, using her platform to inspire and motivate others. She has also graced the runways of prestigious events like New York Fashion Week and LA Fashion Week, modeling for multiple designers, including Anjali Phougat’s Designer Dream Collection.

Inspiring Dreams and Achievements

Pooja Patel’s journey from a significant health transformation to achieving remarkable success in modeling and pageantry is truly inspiring. Her story highlights the power of determination, self-belief, and hard work. As she continues to make strides in the modeling industry, Pooja remains a beacon of inspiration, proving that with dedication and passion, dreams can indeed come true.

This beautifully showcases Pooja Patel’s journey and achievements, capturing her essence and inspiring others.

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