KRISG XG: “Everything in life is energy”

21 June 2024

An incredibly versatile person is known as a singer under the pseudonym KrisG XG (the letter G symbolizes the word Global). She is not only a musician – a composer, an author of her own songs, a vocal coach, but also a spiritual mentor, as well as a licensed realtor in Dubai. We found out how her spiritual development influences her creativity and how Kristina combines her passion for music with her professional activity in the real estate industry.

Kristina, your songs are charged with powerful energy. Tell me, is the secret of such an effect hidden in spiritual practices?

Everything in our life is energy. The key is to tune into the right high frequency to create the most harmonious opportunities on our life path, trust the world, and open our hearts. This is exactly what a person needs for self-realization. I achieve inner fulfillment through meditation, breathing techniques, energy practices, and, of course, through my voice. It plays an important role in my work, helping me find inspiration for creating music that benefits people.

Where did you master energy practices?

My spiritual development began in Bali – channeling, osteopathy, meditation. It changed my life dramatically. Now I share my knowledge and experience, helping others in their spiritual growth.

And when did the love of music enter your life?

Very early, in childhood, because my parents are musicians. My father instilled in me a passion for quality music.

We lived in the small town of Bykov, Belarus, opposite the 16th-century castle built by Lev Sapieha. This fortress protected our city from invaders for a long time. According to legend, a secret passage to the castle runs under our garden! I often imagined myself as a treasure hunter and came up with fantastic stories. This castle greatly influenced my imagination and creativity, because when you live opposite such a place, you want to dream.

I always wanted to be on stage and spread love and light. As a child, I used to organize concerts on the roof of our house. After a while, I participated in international competitions as a vocalist and received recognition. Then I started writing songs for other artists, including a billionaire.

You are also a successful realtor in the UAE. How do you manage to combine a music career with work in real estate?

Yes, I am engaged in real estate in the UAE as an official agent. This is a family business, and I deeply understand the needs of both investors and families who are looking to find the best options for life and investment. My experience in the music industry and the ability to establish contacts are my resource, and I apply a creative approach to the real estate industry. This helps me more effectively evaluate investment prospects.

What interesting things are you planning to do in the near future and where can I find out news about your achievements that cannot be missed?

Now I am actively working on new projects, including songs and video clips, which, I hope, will give my listeners even more magic and positivity. I am recording an English-language album. In addition, I am engaged in investment activities in real estate in Dubai. And of course, I will organize events dedicated to spiritual development.

I invite everyone who is interested in my work to my Instagram @krisg_xg, where I will be glad to communicate personally with everyone.

Model: @krisg_xg 

Stylist: @yulia_kuzmenkova 

Photographer: @irinacaro_photo  

Make up: @vygovskaya_ 

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