Lawrence (Larry) Kasanoff redefines luxury experiences with “Supergiant Studios.”

25 April 2024

Under his unique “Threshold Entertainment,” the renowned film producer established Supergiant Studios with Daniel Brea, a leading producer of short films and branded content.

The massive growth and momentum a few professionals have created for industries worldwide showcase their relentless efforts, determination, commitment to their goals, and powerful purpose. These incredible minds are geniuses who have, time and again, astonished people with what they have innovated and achieved in their niches, emerging as trailblazers in the industry. We couldn’t help but notice the massive momentum and growth Lawrence (Larry) Kasanoff created in the world of entertainment throughout all these years.

Thriving off of his passion for the movies and everything creative and entertainment, he rose to much acclaim and recognition for his iconic works across iconic films and entertainment projects. After attaining his MBA from the Wharton School of Business and a BA from Cornell University, he dived deep into the entertainment world only to eventually rise as a unique success story as a visionary producer and filmmaker, who today is renowned for his outstanding works and achievements in films, television, and animation.

The American filmmaker, born in Boston, Massachusetts, the US, began his journey by founding Vestron Pictures’ genre subsidiary, Lightning Pictures, in 1986, followed by Lightstorm Entertainment with James Cameron in 1990. Today, as the CEO and Chairman of Threshold Entertainment since 1993, he has revolutionized the entertainment realm for the better over the years.

However, what has now garnered him more headlines is being the Chairman of “Supergiant Studios,” working alongside CEO Daniel Brea, a leading producer of short films and branded content. Supergiant Studios is the brainchild of Larry’s Threshold Entertainment Group and Daniel Brea. It is all about offering a bespoke, once-in-a-lifetime luxury experience, offering people the chance to star in a short film with a famous Hollywood celebrity and Hollywood film crews to create their cinematic masterpieces.

Supergiant Studios has now emerged as a one-of-a-kind concept in luxury experiences, says Larry, an incredible talent who produced over 250 feature films while playing a pivotal role in raising over 1 billion dollars in the film industry, working for iconic films like “Dirty Dancing” and “Platoon,” the Academy Award® winning Best Picture.

He explains that Supergiant Studios helps individuals fulfill their dreams of being a part of Hollywood, where they get the chance to work with a celebrity actor and get their finished film delivered, distributed, and entered in film festivals. The team at the studios takes care of everything from creativity, writing, and casting to editing, producing, and delivering the film, while they get treated as stars the whole time.

Supergiant Studios’ recent film “Smile Through Your Tears” features Tom Arnold (Fame – True Lies) and Andi Poland. The studio excels in creating short films starring clients (who wish to star in a movie with their favorite Hollywood celebrity).

After showcasing his magic in several feature films, animated films, and theme park rides, many based on the best-known IP in the world, and being featured in the top media outlets of the world, Larry Kasanoff (@larrykasanoff) with Supergiant Studios takes entertainment to a newer high and success levels through offering people luxury experiences.

Jose Vargas

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