Neda Zehra: A Multifaceted Star Shining Bright in Music and Fashion

14 March 2024
Model & Singer: Neda Zehra Designer : Tykorchelli Make up artist & Hair stylist : Andrea O’ Neal Photographer : Chad Barrett Location Show Event: London @hoifashionweeklondon
Model & Singer: Neda Zehra Designer : Tykorchelli Make up artist & Hair stylist : Andrea O’ Neal Photographer : Chad Barrett Location Show Event: London @hoifashionweeklondon

From the Runway to the Recording Studio: The Meteoric Rise of a Multitalented Icon

In the glamorous intersection of music and fashion, few names shine as brightly as Neda Zehra. A remarkable talent whose career spans singing, songwriting, fashion modeling, and coaching, Zehra has once again captured the spotlight with the release of her highly anticipated music EP on January 7th. This new venture showcases not just Zehra’s vocal prowess but also her versatility and deep connection to the fashion world.

A Musical Showcase at New York Fashion Week

Celebrating her latest musical achievement, Zehra took to the stage during New York Fashion Week, enchanting audiences with live performances of her new songs, “Fashion Week” and “Release the Genie.” The allure of her music was complemented by her Bollywood hit, “Haseena Rai,” brought to life with the support of talented professional dancers. These performances, part of the Model X Showcase, were produced by notable figures Donell Carter, Prashant Goyal of International Heritage Fashion Week, and Diana Mahrach, ensuring an unforgettable evening of entertainment.

Singer & International Model : Neda Zehra
dancers: Ria Troilo & Nikki Varalli
Photographer @ct_tsai
Hair & make up @beautbyfar
Model & international model : Neda Zehra
Dancers: Paige Leigh DeAngelo &Ria Troilo
Photographer : @davidrucker_images
Singer and model – Neda Zehra
Dancers : Paige Leigh DeAngelo
Ria Troilo
Warner Brown
Azari Ford
Photo by @lito.life

Strutting the Runway with Elegance

Neda Zehra’s musical talents are matched by her prowess on the runway. She graced the Runway 7 for a Canadian Designer showcase, adding her unique flair to the event. Zehra’s presence was also felt at Philly Fashion Week, further solidifying her status as an international fashion model. Her participation at London Fashion Week in February 2024, walking for the House of Ikons for designer tykochelli, attests to her enduring appeal in the fashion industry.

A Career Adorned with Accolades

Neda Zehra’s impressive portfolio includes appearances in top-tier magazines such as Vogue, L’officiel, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, and Grazia. As a cover girl for several prestigious publications, she has also illuminated the stage for acclaimed productions and designers, seamlessly blending her singing and modeling talents. Her rendition of the National Anthem at sporting events further showcases her versatility and broad appeal.

Empowering Aspiring Models

Beyond the limelight, Zehra is dedicated to nurturing new talent through her modeling company, Neda Zehra Model & Co. Here, she offers her expertise to aspiring models of all ages, guiding them toward achieving their dreams in the competitive world of fashion. Her efforts have already seen her protégés making significant strides in shows and magazines, underlining her role as a mentor and industry influencer.

Designer : Gina B
Photo by @d.g.noble
Model: Neda Zehra
Hair & make up @beautbyfar Designer: MARK CELENTANO
A NO @celetanodesigns
Jewelry @hausofdivinity111

Looking to the Future

As Neda Zehra’s career continues to soar in both music and modeling, her plans for the future are filled with ambition and promise. With plans to host her own production fashion show and concert, Zehra’s journey is one of continuous evolution and success. As she prepares to unveil more of her creative endeavors, fans and fashion enthusiasts alike eagerly await the next chapter in the story of this multifaceted star.

Model & Singer Neda Zehra
Dancers: Marissa Danielle
Ashley Hillis
Designer Diana Marach
Hair & make up @nyel.anthony
Model & International Model :
Neda Zehra
Designer: Cristina Grecu
Photographer @samjphotos

Neda Zehra’s remarkable journey is a testament to her talent, determination, and the power of dreaming big. Whether on the runway or in the recording studio, her impact on the worlds of fashion and music is indelible. With so much already accomplished and much more on the horizon, Neda Zehra’s career is a beacon of inspiration, showcasing the heights that can be reached with passion and hard work.

Team Credits :

Singer & International Fashion Model: Neda Zehra

Music producer: Steve Mig

Professional Dancers & Choreography: Paige Leigh DeAngelo ,Ria Troilo, Warner Brown, Azari Ford, Marissa Danielle, Ashley Hillis, Nikki Varalli

Photographers: @lito.life @davidrucker_images @d.g.noble @ram.eagle @ct_tsai

Designers : Gina B, Diana Marach Couture, Tykochelli, Taylor Rae

Make up artists & Hair @nyel.anthony @beautbyfar @beatsbybri @biankbrito

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